WSCA Board

The Board shall have the general charge of the WSCA’s affairs and properly assume such other duties as are not specifically assigned or performed by any committees.

President – Mitch Coyour
Vice President – Scott Goetzka
Secretary – Pete Williams
Treasurer – Phil Chojnacki
North Zone Rep – Robin Engum
South Zone Rep – Tom Mitchell

NSCA Delegates

The duties of the NSCA Elected Delegate shall be to act as a liaison between the NSCA and the WSCA Board.

Joel Anders
Dr. Paula Benbow
Andrew Kalmer
Steve Knoll
Pete Williams

WI North-South Zone Representatives

The duties of the North-Zone and South-Zone Representatives shall be to act as a liaison between the NSCA membership at large, in their respective areas, and the Board.

South Zone – Tom Mitchell
North Zone – Robin Engum

Web Admin

The WSCA Web Admin will maintain and make the recommended updates the WSCA website.  They are also be the Admin/Moderator of the WSCA Forum.